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I enjoyed this a lot more than I thought I would. Explains life on the road from different peoples experiences. It was entertaining and informative in explaining what life is really like “Over the Road”. I may have to go on the road because Hollywood is dead and I can’t NOT work forever. Sad state of affairs for those of us that try to work in Hollywood. I have never driven over the road and I may enjoy it. Kinda doubt it, but hey I get to see the Country on someone elses dime…



I can’t even imagine how long it took to make this video, let alone how many LEGO’s it took….Good Job

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Never Before Seen Look Inside a 0 Million Phillippe Starck Mega-YachtThis site is no stranger to multi-million dollar mega yachts, but rarely do we see such an in-depth video tour of these modern day sea monsters as we do in this video of Andrey Melnichenko’s “A” from the WSJ:

This particular 394-ft. mega yacht is well-known from the outside, but the inside’s been somewhat of a mystery. It’s a given that everything inside costs more than most people will see in their lifetime, but we demand tangibles.

This video provides that in excess, from the opening scenes depicting a luxury-hotel style vibe in the dining room to the mirror-heavy “glass menagerie” bar.

The custom banister leading to the master bedroom cost $60,000. A guest room is adorned with white sting ray hides. There’s a secret nookie room, because designer Starck is known for his “risque” design choices. Helipads and boat rooms are standard on mega yachts, but for some reason Melnichenko’s seem bigger. Maybe it’s because, in the case of the boat room, at least, the whole outfit converts into a disco (one of two on board).

Truly, it is good to be the king, er, Russian billionaire, no? [WSJ via Racked]

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Explore Antarctica with Lotus’ Concept Ice Vehicle

Planning an expedition to the uninhabitable continent soon? Didn’t think so. But still, this biofuel-powered Concept Ice Vehicle is pretty cool, with a prop in the back and three ski feet to ride on; it even has a spiked front foot for braking action and an ice radar for navigation.

The CIV is 4.5 meters by 4.5 meters and is light enough to be pulled, if necessary. Even if you never plan to visit the great, white wonder, you can dream of navigating acre after acre of dreary, depressing, lifeless Antarctic wilderness. Can you feel the fun? [Zercustoms via Autoblog]

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Today would have been Jonathan Brandis’s birthday. He killed himself by hanging himself 7yrs ago. The kid had a lot of success in his youth and unfortunately could not deal with not having the same success as he got older.I bet most of you have never heard of him which is a shame.

I met Jonathan once, a friend of mine had a small part in one of his movies, he was a fun gregarious kid and I enjoyed spending the few days on the set with him. This business is horrible at taking care of those that help build it. Hollywood only cares about you as long as you can make it money, then it throws you away. Actors and crew have to deal with this fact every day. The kid had talent but it is really hard to go from a cute kid and transition to an adult, very few have made it. I guess he couldn’t deal with it anymore. It’s so sad for a young person to get to this point in their lives where the feel they have no future. In Hollywood the list of those who died to soon is a very long list…

I know one thing I won’t forget Jonathan and the few days we got to hang out together.. Such a shame to end his life over this!

Check out this article on him by Jen:…

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As for a parody this one is pretty good. I always find it funny how people can come up with stuff like this. It takes a twisted mind to do this… They have done a lot more videos, so check out their site:

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If South Park was made with real actors it might look like this…pretty funny!!

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