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As for a parody this one is pretty good. I always find it funny how people can come up with stuff like this. It takes a twisted mind to do this… They have done a lot more videos, so check out their site:

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If South Park was made with real actors it might look like this…pretty funny!!

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Speculation on what the guys at Pixar are up to is always a popular topic around these parts, and when website Gordon and the Whale speculated last summer that the next project in the animation company’s queue might be something involving dinosaurs, we all got excited. The basis for that hypothesis centered on a series of dinosaur-themed concept art featured in the background on one of Up’s special features. The idea became even more plausible when we learned that animator Austin Madison and character sculptor Greg Dykstra had taken several animators on a field trip to archaeological sites at the Black Hills Institute in South Dakota. What could it all mean?

Turns out it means almost exactly what we suspected. Pixar’s next project involves teaming up with The Discovery Channel to create a program entitled Reign of the Dinosaurs!. Sure, it’s not the feature-length dino-flick we were all anticipating, but even small screen Pixar is better than no Pixar at all, right?

Billed as “Avatar meets Jurassic Park“, the special aims to teach us all more about dinosaurs while making learning fun by combining it with Pixar’s animation and Hollywood storytelling. Normally, the idea of combining educational programming with Hollywood-styled production values would make me a little wary — but Discovery and Pixar both have excellent track records and I find the idea of them collaborating interesting.

No official air date has been set for Reign of the Dinosaurs!, but this story came about because the program was announced on Discovery’s Upfront Schedule for 2010-2011. That would seem to indicate that we’ll be spending time with T-Rex and friends in the not too distant future.

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Even though the show was canceled and the “final episode” airing on February 11th, TLC has decided to bring the Teutul family back from the proverbial television graveyard by renewing their flagship motorcycle series, American Chopper, for another season. Will it be good, or just a bunch of yelling?

The past season of American Chopper showed the collapse of the Teutul family as Mikey and Paul Jr. got sick of their relationship with Paul Sr. One could sense that the series was on its final legs, so nobody was surprised when it was finally announced that TLC canceled ‘American Chopper’. However, with the news of TLC renewing American Chopper, one has to wonder what led the network to change its mind?

I want to see Paul Jr. kick his Dad’s and Orange Country Choppers ass. I do wish both of them the best but his Dad does have problems and doesn’t seem to want to deal with them. Hey Senior, when NONE of your kids talk to you it’s time to look in the mirror!

You can follow Paul Jr. on his Twitter account (@WhereIsPaulJr) to see how things DON’T work out. I bet we are going to hear more yelling.

While some may say that the series has run its course and should stay canceled, I would be incredibly interested in watching if TLC decides to focus more on Paul Jr. building new his company, Paul Jr. Designs, as it would be a nice return to how American Chopper began 7 years ago.

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The History Channel has a great looking new mini-series coming out this month called ‘America: The Story of Us’ and I think it looks fantastic. The sprawling TV show will be spread out over the course of 6 days, starting April 25th. Read the official synopsis from the History Channel’s website, then watch the trailer after:

America: The Story of Us is an epic 12-hour television event that tells the extraordinary story of how America was invented. With highly realistic CGI animation, dramatic recreations and thoughtful insights from some of America’s most respected artists, business leaders, academics and intellectuals, it is the first television event in nearly 40 years to present a comprehensive telling of America’s history. Elaborate, ambitious and cinematic, America The Story of Us will take you into the moments when Americans harnessed technology to advance human progress, from the rigors of linking the continent by transcontinental railroad–the internet of its day–to triumphing over vertical space through the construction of steel structured buildings to putting a man on the moon. It is an intensive look at the people, places and things that have shaped our nation, and the tough and thrilling adventure that is America’s 400-year history.

Enjoy the trailer for America: The Story of Us:

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Alex Berenson on the Set of ’24’

09:35:05.36 …

The California sun is shining as I stop at the gate outside the warehouse where the show “24” is written and filmed. My first day on set, baby! I’ll admit I’m excited. I’ve heard that some writers have no interest in Hollywood. In my experience these creatures exist only in myth, or maybe in Brooklyn.

I am here because Howard Gordon, the show’s lead writer, liked my novel “The Faithful Spy.” He has invited me to Los Angeles to “consult” for a month on the show’s eighth season, which will turn out to be its last.

I have no idea what consulting actually entails. All I know is that I have spent a week trying to imagine new adventures for Jack Bauer, the show’s hero, a counterterrorism agent played by Kiefer Sutherland. But the show’s writers have beaten me to every possible plot twist. Terrorists unleashing an Ebola-type virus? Yep. A nuclear weapon? Check. Government corruption at the highest levels? Absolutely.

I am left with a single idea: Give Jack a sense of humor. Jack has not even smiled in seven years. I will change that.

I give my name to the guard at the gate and inch onto the lot. I don’t want to hit anyone’s Ferrari.

09:36:23.78 …

I pass a Prius, a Volvo and other unsexy cars. Don’t these people know they work in Hollywood? O.K., there’s a Maserati. It’ll have to do.

10:27:28.38 …

Alex Gansa, a writer, introduces me around. The men who write “24” — and, no surprise, they are all men — are an accomplished lot. Several ran other shows. While Hollywood famously skews young, they are in their 40s and 50s. All but one are married. (Guess who owns the Maserati.) Despite the pro-torture reputation of “24,” their political views run the gamut.

Their building provides no clue that “24” is one of the most successful — and profitable — shows on television. The writers have small individual offices. At the building’s west end is a large wood-paneled room that looks like a suburban basement. This is the “writers’ room.”

11:15:47.19 …

The world is watching Season 7, which had its premiere a few weeks ago. But aside from a few minor edits, the writers no longer care about Season 7. They are worried about Season 8.

Season 8 is a blank canvas, 24 episodes of 42 minutes apiece, not counting commercials or credits. Generally, one minute of screen time requires a bit more than a page of script. Season 8 is 1,100 pages that must be written. Today we will try to answer a terrifying question: How can we fill all those pages?

We sit on couches and comfortable chairs, looking for answers. Season 8 will be set in New York. But why is Jack in New York? He’s a diplomat. No, he’s in a hospital, rehabilitating from his near-death experience in Season 7. No, he’s handling security for a rich guy.

We spitball possible plots. When the process is going well, it is like playing soccer with an invisible ball. One writer pushes an idea forward until another steps in. Someone says, “So the terrorists seize a school bus filled with rich kids. …” “except one kid hides a cellphone. …”

And away we go.

But all too soon someone finds a hole in the plot, or argues that it doesn’t give Jack enough to do, or that it’s too maudlin. We backtrack. Sometimes we succeed in addressing the complaint. Sometimes, after a few minutes of arguing, we fail. Howard steers us in a new direction. But the original argument will flare up a few minutes later, like a fire in a garbage dump.

Howard has a reputation as a very democratic lead writer. He likes to build consensus. The good news is that everyone gets a say. The bad news is … that everyone gets a say. The debate can seem exhausting and circular. As a novelist, I’m not used to this. My ideas are my own. I don’t have to listen to other people tell me how stupid they are. Maybe I should. Maybe I’d write better books. Or maybe I’d never finish one.

13:34:29.54 …

Why is “24” called “24”? Anyone who’s ever seen the show knows the answer. “24” takes place in real time. Each episode represents a single hour of a single day. In general, television dramas fall into two categories: “procedurals,” where each episode can stand alone, and “serials,” where each episode builds on the next. “24” is the ultimate serial.

The real-time conceit is central to the show’s appeal. And it is sacrosanct. Jack exists in a permanent now. He never flashes back or forward.

Nice backstory. If you don’t know who Alex Berenson is you should. He is a great writer of fiction novels. His first was “The Faithful Spy” and it was GREAT. I love these kinds of books and I have read all 3 of his paperback books, they are awesome. Great stories, characters and just great military/political books..Pick one up!!!

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24 canceled season 8 10 3 10 kc Foxs 24 Officially Canceled!!

It’s over folks! The Fox mega hit “24” has officially been canceled. After weeks of speculation on whether or not Kiefer Sutherland or the producers would return for a 9th season, we finally have our answer. The news comes from a tweet sent out by one of the show’s executive producers, Jon Cassar.

It turns out that the people over on the “24″ set have been notified that Fox has pulled the plug. There will be no season 9, and Jack Bauer’s journeys are done (at least on TV anyway). Here’s the tweet that was sent out via Cassar’s official Twitter page,

“News from the 24 set,the crew has been told that 24 has come to an end. There will b no season 9. Its been a great run, thanx all 4 watching”

I know there are millions of Jack Bauer fans out there screaming to the sky as they read this, but it was bound to happen. The show had a good run, won some Emmys and kicked Kiefer Sutherland’s career into high gear. From what I’ve been seeing the quality of the writing hasn’t been up to par with the previous seasons and it was time for it to go.

Before you get too depressed, take solace in knowing that a theatrical movie is still on the horizon. Fox has plans to take Bauer and company to the big screen, and in order to do that the show had to end. Producers repeatedly stated that a theatrical film couldn’t happen while the series was still on the air. Screenwriter Billy Ray, is already on board to pen the script that will send Jack Bauer overseas to Europe.

How do you feel about Fox pulling the plug on 24? Did you think it was time? How should the show end?

One of the most original shows ever on TV. Did not watch until 4th season. Watched first 3 seasons on DVD (Netflix) and was hooked. I will miss this show but hopefully they will do a film!!

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