Video – Memorial of Jonathan Brandis on His Birthday

Posted: April 13, 2010 in ACTORS, R.I.P., VIDEOS

Today would have been Jonathan Brandis’s birthday. He killed himself by hanging himself 7yrs ago. The kid had a lot of success in his youth and unfortunately could not deal with not having the same success as he got older.I bet most of you have never heard of him which is a shame.

I met Jonathan once, a friend of mine had a small part in one of his movies, he was a fun gregarious kid and I enjoyed spending the few days on the set with him. This business is horrible at taking care of those that help build it. Hollywood only cares about you as long as you can make it money, then it throws you away. Actors and crew have to deal with this fact every day. The kid had talent but it is really hard to go from a cute kid and transition to an adult, very few have made it. I guess he couldn’t deal with it anymore. It’s so sad for a young person to get to this point in their lives where the feel they have no future. In Hollywood the list of those who died to soon is a very long list…

I know one thing I won’t forget Jonathan and the few days we got to hang out together.. Such a shame to end his life over this!

Check out this article on him by Jen:…

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