Crazy – A 15yr Old Dude is on His Way to the North Pole and be First On Foursquare

Posted: April 8, 2010 in NEWS STORY

Fifteen-year-old Parker Liataud and 44-year old David Newman are racing to be the first to check in at the North Pole via popular location-based service Foursquare

Liataud and Newman are leveraging recent hype around the platform to drive attention to pressing environmental issues in the Arctic region. Foursquare (Foursquare), in turn, has created a special Last Degree Badge (see above) for the mission, which is expected to conclude over the weekend.

Parker Liataud was the first to announce his expedition, which began on April 3. Liataud is a California native and a student at Eton College, an elite boarding school in the UK. If he succeeds in his mission, he will not only be the first to unlock the Last Degree Badge, he will also be one of the youngest people to ever ski to the Last Degree of the North Pole — period. General Electric is sponsoring Parker’s expedition as part of the company’s ecomagination initiative.

Liataud has used several social media channels to get the word out about his journey. He has set up a Facebook Page, The Last Degree, where fans can sign a virtual petition, guess Liataud’s arrival time at the North Pole and submit video pledges to reduce carbon footprint. Liataud is also posting updates to his Twitter account, YouTube channel and Flickr photostream.

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