‘American Chopper: Grudge Match’ is Coming Back to TLC

Posted: April 7, 2010 in NEWS STORY, TELEVISION

Even though the show was canceled and the “final episode” airing on February 11th, TLC has decided to bring the Teutul family back from the proverbial television graveyard by renewing their flagship motorcycle series, American Chopper, for another season. Will it be good, or just a bunch of yelling?

The past season of American Chopper showed the collapse of the Teutul family as Mikey and Paul Jr. got sick of their relationship with Paul Sr. One could sense that the series was on its final legs, so nobody was surprised when it was finally announced that TLC canceled ‘American Chopper’. However, with the news of TLC renewing American Chopper, one has to wonder what led the network to change its mind?

I want to see Paul Jr. kick his Dad’s and Orange Country Choppers ass. I do wish both of them the best but his Dad does have problems and doesn’t seem to want to deal with them. Hey Senior, when NONE of your kids talk to you it’s time to look in the mirror!

You can follow Paul Jr. on his Twitter account (@WhereIsPaulJr) to see how things DON’T work out. I bet we are going to hear more yelling.

While some may say that the series has run its course and should stay canceled, I would be incredibly interested in watching if TLC decides to focus more on Paul Jr. building new his company, Paul Jr. Designs, as it would be a nice return to how American Chopper began 7 years ago.

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