A Mobile Homeless Shelter You Wouldn’t Mind Living In

Posted: April 4, 2010 in COOL STUFF, NEWS STORY

mobile homeless shelter

We spend a lot of time looking at shelters here on FastCompany.com–from pop-up shelters for earthquake relief to the Open Architecture Network’s challenge to build shelters with a social component, there is no shortage of designers trying to solve the ever-present problem of homelessness. But this mobile homeless shelter designed by Paul Elkins and featured on designboom is–dare we say it–kind of comfortable-looking.

mobile homeless shelter

Sure, the 225-pound shelter is tiny and has no room to stand, but that’s not the point. It provides everything you need, including a kichen, rest/sleeping area, and makeshift washroom, and it can be easily carted around from street to street. The roof also acts as a raincatcher, and a tank collects water for later use. An overflow feature lets excess water drain to the ground.

At the very least, the mobile homeless shelter beats grocery-cart living–or even, say, renting a studio in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. And we can imagine that the cart could be useful at festivals–i.e. Burning Man–where protection from the elements is critical.

mobile homeless shelter mobile homeless shelter

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