Want FREE Access to Variety.com? Here is How You Do It..

Posted: March 31, 2010 in NEWS STORY

1. Go to Variety.com and click on any article. At this point you’ll get the black “you need to pay here” page. Now the fun starts.

2. Replace the part in the URL that says www.variety.com with I think this is called the IP address. Or perhaps they’re the magic number from LOST? [Note: Don’t replace the “http://” or the stuff after “.com”. Only the www.variety.com]

3. Now you’re behind whatever firewall thing. Enjoy the entire site gratis. That’s it. Of course your boss already has the print edition. So this an exercise in redundancy. But it’s kinda fun. Just don’t ask me how I figured this out. I’m not really sure.

Posted via web from MovieDriver – Hollywood Teamster


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