Video – Tired of the Snow? You need to get a RoboPlow

Posted: March 6, 2010 in VIDEOS

RoboPlow Is Man’s Secret Weapon In the Battle Against Mother Nature

Though it seems like the weather’s warming up now, think back to February when Mother Nature was piling on the snow with callous indifference. Feel that bitter cold on your face, that strain in your lower back. Now meet RoboPlow.

This is the idea that every geek has had, but the guys at IdeaLaboratories were just fed up enough to actually see it through. The RoboPlow sports a 50″ blade, six wheel drive, and a bad attitude when it comes to all things snow.

In fact, watching this formidable machine slice its way through snowbanks, I’m wondering if the RoboPlow isn’t a little too powerful, if we didn’t let this arms race with Mother Nature push us to create a technology that should never have been created. Watching this video and seeing the RoboPlow barrel down the driveway, I felt a nervous feeling in the pit of my stomach that it was just going to keep going into the street, plowing straight on through the traffic.

RoboPlow, like RoboCop before him, has a singular directive. In this case it’s to annihilate snow. But I’m sure somewhere in one of those RoboCop sequels there was a lesson to be learned about the dangers of giving robots too much power.

You can’t help but wonder: in a post-snowpocalyptic world, will the RoboPlows have any reason not to plow us? [Reddit]

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