Photos – Over 30 Star Wars Photos That Have Never Been Seen Before

Posted: March 2, 2010 in MOVIES, PHOTOS

Total Film has published a portfolio of 30 never-before-seen photos taken on the sets of the original Star Wars films. And when we say mind-blowing, we’re not forcin’ around: Watch your childhoods get raped (in the good way) as your cherished intergalactic heroes indulge in extremely earthly vices! Tremble in fear as you witness ungodly genetic mutations fusing droids with Darths! Scream in terror as a beloved co-pilot is reduced to a bathmat and some fetching accessories.

You’ve already seen Ciggie-3PO, above. Can you handle the rest? It’s all right this way…


Kenny Baker, who played R2-D2 in all six of the films, wears the Darth Vader mask. This could have changed the course of Star Wars history considerably. (“Bee boop beep boo boo.” “No! No! That’s not true. That’s impossible!” “Beep boop beep.” “NO! NO!”)

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