Video – You like NASCAR? Here is Dale Jr. discussing 2009 Season on ESPN.. #nascar #dalejr

Posted: February 11, 2010 in VIDEOS

Dale Jr. discussing his season last year and the frustrations he had. I think he is a great guy and a great driver it’s just this sport is so hard to compete in. Sometimes you do everything right and it’s still not good enough. That’s racing folks. I wish him nothing but the best in 2010.

On a personal note Jr. came in to town and shot a commercial for AMP at a local diner. It’s the Way Station Cafe in Newhall and it’s owned by a friend of mine. It’s where he throws the gorilla through a window. They kept it a secret so the diner would not get mobbed by fans. It worked, nobody knew about it. Some of the girls that work there are HUGE fans so they got photos and autographs. They said he and his sister could not have been nicer to everybody. They have a photos of Jr. with the owner up on the wall, stop by and check it out. See sometimes guys are just as nice as you hope they would be. I wish him nothing but the best in 2010 but it won’t be easy to win against Jimmy Johnson…Good Luck Jr.

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