Just had to share this – PoopTrap – Never Pick Up After Your Dog Again!

Posted: August 25, 2009 in VIDEOS

Aug 25 2009 Never Pick Up After Your Dog Again! MORE: come on now, dog, holy smokes, i’ve seen it all now, no, no thanks, pass, pets, pick up only, that is ridiculous looking, ugh, waste, wow, wrong, wtf did i just watch?, you have got to be kidding me If you don’t like picking up after your dog but are cool strapping a plastic bag to its ass, you’re in luck. All thanks to the revolutionary Pootrap (I would have gone with Shitbag)! An amazing new device that picks up after your dog without any hassles. Dog feces is extremely dangerous to people even if you pick it up. A residue is left over and can cause blindness, liver damage and death. The Pootrap solves these problems once and for all. Are you serious? I mean, are you serious? They should at least be advertising how you don’t have to bend over and not sensationalizing how dangerous dog waste is. And to prove a point (don’t ask me what), I’m gonna pick up after my dog this afternoon with my bare hand. Here lies The Geekologie Writer

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