Movie Review – “The Hurt Locker” – by moviedriver

Posted: August 12, 2009 in REVIEWS

This is my first try at doing a movie review so cut me some slack. I am sure (I hope) that I will get better as a do a few of these…

 I saw the movie, “The Hurt Locker” last week with a friend, who is on a bomb squad of a local police department. We both did enjoy the film and thought it was well made along with great performances by the actors. It was “well shot” and the pucker factor was always in action. I did not feel it was the best film I have seen this year but it is definately up there. It did convey the stress that these guys go thru and how they try to deal with it, not well I might add. These guys have a job to do that helps protect their fellow soldiers along with innocent people and I can’t really imagine how you would deal with the stress or the responsability. I can understand why these guys drink and have psychological problems. It really is an impossible situation.

 There are a few things I did not understand and maybe others may get them. One involved a boy the main charactor befriends who gets hurt but then shows up later, not sure how that works, I must have missed something. A few other things I did not get that really don’t detract to much from the film. It is worth seeing just to get an idea of what these guys have to go thru and get a better idea of what it is like over there. I am glad I served so long ago and did not have to put up with this war. If it is not playing in your area definately rent it when it comes out on NetFlix…

 Next time I am going to review the movie after I have just seen it, hopefully my remarks will be more in-depth and informative…

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