Michael Jackson Scoop- How did they get his coffin out of Staples Center? I know…

Posted: July 9, 2009 in STORIES

So how did they get his body out of Staples Center without anyone knowing, this is what I know..

People are speculating if his body was in the coffin at the memorial or not..His body was in the casket for the memorial, it was checked for bombs as it entered Staples Center by LAPD SWAT and Bomb Squad along with the bomb sniffing dog for the safety of all, this is normal procedure…So yes he was in the coffin people..

After the memorial the question has been “where did the body go” since it was not in the hearse…What happened was as everyone was following the hearse and the rest of the funeral procession, MJ’s coffin was left
behind at Staples Center. Then his coffin was placed in a LAPD SWAT vehicle and driven out of Staples Center while everyone was looking elsewhere. Nobody thought to look at the police, so this was easy..Then he
was driven to “Piper Tech” (Piper Technical Center) which is an LAPD facility and it has a  helicopter pad. Then his coffin was placed inside a LAPD/LAFD (not sure which) helicopter and flown to Forest Lawn Mortuary, which as far as I know is where his body still is…By state law he had to be brought back to Forest Lawn, since they were on the paperwork. He can now be moved anywhere after his parents agree on where to bury him, which seems to be taking awhile for them to agree on…so I guess he is in the freezer.

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