Story – Wells Fargo called 3 times today because I owe $25

Posted: June 30, 2009 in MY VIEWS

This is absurd. I have a Wells Fargo credit card that has a limit of $15,000 and the balance is $350. I forgot to make a payment of $25.00 which was due 5 DAYS AGO. They called 3 times already today, starting at 8:30am. The guy on the phone had no humor when I explained to him how absurd it was that he was calling for a payment of $25 which is 5 days past due. He can see I have made payments of over $1000 in the last 4 months but they still call for this small amount, he wanted to know if I wanted to set up a payment over the phone and I explained he was kidding right? He said no and that he takes his job very seriously, so I said it was a joke that they have called 3 times today for a payment of $25.00, then he want’s to know when I expect to make a payment…I told him that I would make sure that I made a payment and that the bank would not go bankrupt due to thefact that I had not made my $25.00 payment..Has anyone else had this happen?  #wellsfargo

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